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Webinar – How Scandinavia found the secret to ultra-efficient e-commerce

Before the pandemic catapulted ecommerce to the top of the agenda here in the UK, many Scandinavian grocers had already spent years working to perfect their own ultra-efficient model for selling groceries online. In many ways the region didn’t have a choice, with far higher labour costs turning efficiency into a necessity for any retailer looking to survive. But the end result is an ecommerce model that is not just efficient, but hyper-efficient, with many Scandinavian grocers delivering exceptional efficiency from end-to-end in their online operations – something many UK retailers can learn from. So, what exactly is their secret? 

In partnership with Grocer Vision, this webinar with retail technology specialists StrongPoint will explore exactly what lies behind the e-commerce success of Scandinavian grocers. We’ll explore the practical ways in which these retailers have created ultra-lean online supply chains – from order picking to last mile solutions to pricing. We’ll hear first-hand from top retailer Coop Sweden, as their Head of Online Operations shares how they’ve achieved a manual picking rate of up to 300 items per hour in-store and a significant delivery rate through their click & collect grocery lockers. We’ll also discuss how UK retailers can learn from their example, using greater efficiencies to drive down costs just as they – and their customers – most need it.

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