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Integration and flexibility through new retail solution


Apranga Group is a retail leader in the Baltic States. The company manages a network of 168 apparel fashion shops and offers such brands as ZARA, Mango, Bershka, Burberry, Emporio Armani, Hugo Boss, MaxMara, ALDO, Promod and others.




The Challenge

In 2006, the regional leader of fashion retail, Apranga Group chose LS Retail and Microsoft Dynamics NAV for the first time. The decision to implement the retail solution was made to replace the old POS System Centux.


When Apranga Group started to work with Inditex Group in 2004, the need for a very flexible retail sales management system developed. This would allow the partners to respond to changing requirements, as well as to make changes in their retail system in a convenient way.

The retail system of the Inditex stores in the Baltic States had to be synchronised with the Inditex central headquarters in Spain. The company chose an international POS system – LS Nav, with the LS Retail – certified partner StrongPoint Baltics as the installer. StrongPoint Baltics already had experience with installing some 2000 applications of this solution in the region.

The Solution

With the continuous expansion of the Apranga Group, two different POS systems did not allow for a flexible response to the ever-growing business demand. Moreover, administration and development of two different retail systems became complicated, time consuming and expensive.

The goals were to achieve efficient retail management, flexible possibilities of program retail software modifications and wider functionalities. Apranga Group decided to switch to a general unified retail solution – LS Nav which is integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV for implementing one homogeneous POS system in all Apranga stores.

System implementation in the fashion shops was done after business hours to prevent any disturbances to the daily business and so that the customers during the day were served with no interference. In just eight weeks, 58 stores were upgraded in Lithuania.

The Result

MS Dynamics NAV and LS Nav optimised the Apranga stores’ management processes from the cashier to financial accounting of the entire company. Central management could control the activity of all stores and analyse sales results expeditiously.

One Tool for All Operations

A specialised retail solution based on one unified platform allowed Apranga Group to manage goods, stock, back office, point of sale functions and sales with the help of one retail software. Today, all operations of POS terminals, store data and all functions of the central bureau are managed by a single tool.

Better Customer Service

Employees of both the central office and the stores can at any time receive the latest information on available and sold items’ stock. With the implementation of LS Nav, data exchange improved in quality and became faster because information between the central office and the stores is updated periodically on a fixed frequency. Traceability of all transactions is ensured as well as the data integrity of all stores.

Smart Data Analysis

The retail software gives huge and comprehensive data arrays which can be analysed in various ways. This analytical data is used for strategic business decision-making.

Data Compatibility with the Franchise Systems

The Apranga Group now is flexible and quick in responding and implementing systemic changes which are necessary in the stores.

Simple and Easy to Use

Employees quickly and easily learn to work with the retail system. The user interface can be adjusted according to the specific needs of the customer.

Smooth Integration with Third Party Systems

The platform allows for integration with the retail systems of third parties. Apranga Group has already performed integration with Global Blue which allows for filling in the Tax Free form automatically at the point of sale. There is also an integration with the loyalty management system Nosco for gift card management. Moreover, the system is compatible with mobile computers which are used for goods’ receivables and inventory in warehouses and stores, as well as label printers and other equipment.

The combination of LS Nav and MS Dynamics NAV results in a more efficient management of all retail processes: analysing results of promotion campaigns, management of loyalty systems, prices and discounts and sales data. The retail solution is also future-proof, because the retail solution can be expanded with new modules.

”We’ve chosen a company capable to ensure comprehensive services of our IT systems through the Baltics and has deep competence in retail IT management,”
says Valerijus Budiak, CIO at Apranga Group.