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ICA store first to test Pricer electronic shelf labels with 4 colours and new size format in Sweden

ICA Maxi Värmdö in Stockholm has completely rebuilt their store and are giving their customers a brand new level of customer experience.

As part of modernizing the store and improving the customer journey, StrongPoint is now installing Pricer Electronic Shelf labels with 4 colours. The ICA store is also the first store in Sweden to implement the new digital shelf label size of 2.9 inches.

Making the change to electronic shelf labels (ESLs) with colours

Jack Plüss, Store Manager at ICA MAXI Värmdö says that the electronic shelf edge labels have long been high on the list of desirable investments. In line with the changes that took place in the world with war, inflation and increased prices for raw materials and fuel, the need to introduce electronic shelf edge labels has increased dramatically in the store over the past year.

Jack explains that the store now, on average, receives price quotation files of around 1,000 items every week. Which in turn means quite a bit of work in the store, involving up to three staff members working to change the paper labels on the shelves. It can take over 10 hours before all items have received the correct price on the shelf. During the time labels are being replaced, a large number of articles will be mislabeled while waiting for the new price. With electronic shelf labels, this can be done with a fee clicks on a computer.

“To easily adjust the price, and at the same time improve the overall experience in the store, is fantastic. For the customer, the price on the shelf always matches the cash price.”

Jack Plüss, Store Manager at ICA MAXI Värmdö

What are the key benefits of upgrading now?

Jack believes that there are several factors that affected their decision to make this investment right now. The main reason is that it makes it much easier and faster for the store staff to change pricing. This is of course impacted by the large amount of price adjustments that they have to make every week. Something that could not have been predicted a few years ago.

The other reason why they are implementing the change right now is that they see electronic shelf edge labels as a step in the right direction in the continued work to develop and modernize the store. In recent years, there has also been a big development within ESLs, and now StrongPoint can offer Pricer labels in 4 colours, which means that they effectively can be used to communicate with customers in a completely new way.

The store’s expectations regarding Pricer 4 colour electronic shelf labels

Pricer’s electronic shelf edge labels in color will be introduced throughout the store, with the exception of a couple of places where larger screens are being considered. What Jack and his colleagues expect is to see a big change when it comes to the following areas: