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Cash Management at train stations


SNCB is the national of Belgian Railways company. SNCB has 400 railway stations in Belgium and at Brussel’s Midi station they serve 60 000 passenger per day .





The Challenge

SNCB was looking for an effective cash management solution that would be able to free up the railway station cashiers handling cash operations and to cut the time spent on it. As a result, time and resources would be focused on customers instead of manual handling of banknotes and coins.

The Solution

“Our goal was to take off the responsibility from staff during the cash handling process and to shorten time which is needed to open and close a counter. We’ve chosen CashGuard, because it is really reliable and easily handled solution for a competitive price”, says Alex Smeyers, the operational manager of international distribution at SNCB.

The CashGuard systems installed in Belgian railway stations allowed SNCB to automate the whole cash handling process from the point-of-sale to CIT pick-up. SNCB now was able to cut time and costs spent on cash handling, as CIT company picks up the money only once a week and employees don’t spend any time on counting, re-counting and reconciling of cash.

The Result

“All activities and events related to cash are logged in the central system that speeds up the daily routine and there are no more differences in cash handling”, says Smeyers. “SNCB`s management has a full reporting of cash transactions on every CashGuard machine and the personnel is more productive as CashGuard always gives the correct change and enables faster queue flow. As a result, SNCB can serve more customers at the same time.”


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