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The Vensafe concept – fewer thefts and happier customers

Published: 26. November 2017

Is it possible to raise customer satisfaction and at the same time help retailers reduce shrinkage to zero? Of course! Vensafe is not only a system for sales automation, it also provides retailers with efficient inventory control.

Let’s start with a quick introduction to how the Vensafe solution works. Selected products are stored in a dispenser located at the store exit. In general, the products stored tend to be the most prone to theft. They can be premium-priced products, such as razors and cosmetics. Other products can include impulse purchase items such as batteries, or upselling items such as vitamins and sweets. In some countries, tobacco is the most popular item to store in the dispenser.

Customers can purchase the items from touch screens inside the store, directly at the self-checkouts or from a pick list by the traditional checkouts. After the purchase, items are collected at the dispenser by the store exit.

This concept provides a solution to the shrinkage problem, while at the same time, improving the shopping experience for the customer. It also provides new upselling and promotion opportunities for retailers. Where applicable, the Vensafe concept also enables retailers to comply with tobacco regulations.

Step 1 – zero theft

It’s a well-known fact that smaller products, such as tobacco, pregnancy tests, batteries and makeup, are more prone to thefts. These items are an easy target for shoplifters, or even staff members, to hide and in some cases, re-sell. With Vensafe, customers are presented with the item after the purchase has been made. Products are safely stored in a dispenser and impossible for shoplifters to get to. This eliminates external thefts on these items.

Internal thefts are minimised with Vensafe, since the software can track all actions at the dispenser. This makes it possible for retailers to control refills without having to be present and monitor the process in the store. The software keeps track of when the dispenser was opened and by whom.

Step 2 – maximised inventory control

Another issue when it comes to shrinkage is the lack of inventory control. Counting products, monitoring inventory and restocking products are time-consuming tasks for staff employees. Many retailers agree that it would be more beneficial for the store if that time could be focused on other tasks. For example, providing a more conscious and personal customer experience.

With Vensafe, inventory is managed through a software system that sends out refill alerts when items are out of stock. Refills are also more time efficient, since all items are stored in one dispenser instead of at different shelves by every single checkout. And employees are free to dedicate their time to other tasks. The solution also reduces the amount of stock needed, since you no longer need to stock products by each checkout.

Step 3 – better customer experience

With Vensafe, there’s no need for products to be stocked by each checkout. This optimises the limited space around the checkouts. Sales presentations of products can be improved with the aesthetic touchscreens, making it more convenient for customers to get all relevant information through high-quality pictures and product descriptions.

When integrated with self-checkouts, Vensafe provides a more easygoing way to approach customers with upselling. The customer is presented with suggestions of other items to buy and can make the choice, as well as the potential extra purchase, on the screen without feeling pressured or having to call for an attendant.

Summary of the Vensafe concept

● Reduces internal and external thefts to zero
● Protects profits and prevent losses with software inventory management
● Makes refills more efficient and saves time for employees
● Upselling opportunities at the self-checkouts are presented in a more pleasant way

Interested in how Vensafe can optimise your store? Download our guide “Zero shrinkage and optimised tobacco compliance with Vensafe”.