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Stop high-value shoplifting with a loss prevention solution

Published: 14. January 2016

You may place your high-value products right by the checkout to keep an eye on them but shameless thieves will still take their chance and often succeed. Stores without a retail loss prevention solution can have an annual shrinkage of 3-8 per cent on high-value products like tobacco, razor blades, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. How about getting rid of these problems with a Return on Investment in 12-15 moths?

With a Vensafe solution from StrongPoint, your high-value products are selected using a touchscreen kiosk and the products are stored in an automated dispenser between the checkout and the store exit. This secure system eliminates losses due to shoplifting and employee theft.

Besides reducing shrinkage our automated vending solution comes with many more benefits:

Interested in learning more about how to reduce shrinkage? Download our guide “Who is most vulnerable to shrinkage and what to do about it”.

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