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Overcoming the challenges of grocery e-commerce logistics

Published: 3. December 2019

As the number of online groceries customers grows, retailers quickly realise the challenges with handling the orders in an efficient, fast, and flawless way. Pen and papers might work at the start, but it will soon become tough to handle profitable volumes. Let us show you how you can conquer the challenges and set up efficient and scalable grocery e-commerce logistics routines.

Why grocery e-commerce logistics are challenging

All industries have different challenges when it comes to e-commerce transformation. The apparel industries are challenged by the fitting aspects of their products, furniture retailers are challenged by the size of the products, and for electronics, one challenge is the high product-value and frauds.

For grocery, the list of challenges can be made long

To pick and deliver orders with all these challenges using only pen and papers is both time consuming and is vulnerable for mistakes. But instead of waiting for the wave of e-commerce to hit you and drag you down, you might want to check out what end-to-end logistics solutions that are out there.

Specialising in grocery logistics

As the conditions for grocery logistics are so different from other industries, it is well worth looking into investing in an order handling and picking solution that is made for grocery retail. Only with a specialised solution you get an optimised picking route for store environments, integration to scales for fruits and other weight products, routines for secure handling of age-controlled products and much more.

An end-to-end solution will also take care of the order after it has been picked, offering competitive delivery options like home delivery, store pick-up/ drive-through and refrigerated pick-up lockers giving your customers more flexibility and you a competitive advantage.

What’s next

To overcome the special challenges of grocery e-commerce we truly believe that you need a logistics solution that handles the unique challenges that come with selling groceries.

Feel free to contact us if you like to discuss how we can help you.