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Meet our new Supply Chain Director

Published: 24. April 2020

He got into supply chain by accident, but Darius Giraitis has the last 20 years worked his way up to senior management positions in international companies such as IKEA and SBA. Now he is ready for StrongPoint.

Who are you?
I’m the Supply Chain Director of StrongPoint, a position I’ve held since January. I just realised that this year marks my 20th anniversary in supply chain! Along the way I´ve worked on many interesting projects worldwide, learned from the best, and I continue to learn every day. My family is a big part of my life and I´m a proud dad of two boys.

What are you passionate about?
I have a quote from a previous manager in my early career days stuck in my head: “take pride in what you do”. I believe to succeed in your professional or personal life, you have to be passionate about what you do, and luckily, one of my passions has been my job. And basketball, which is the “second religion” in my home country Lithuania.

What is your background?
I got in to supply chain by accident, but I quickly found an interest in the fact that every product has its own story. From the raw material to the end product on the shelf, everything has to come together the right way in the whole chain. I have worked in international companies such as IKEA in North America and SBA – TOP100 world largest furniture producer. In these 20 years I have made my way up from entry level positions to senior management in supply chain and business development.

Why did you want to join StrongPoint?
After quite a few years in the same industry, I was keeping my eyes open for a change. I needed a new challenge. I’m interested in technology and innovations, and StrongPoint and its products really appealed to me. StrongPoint is innovative, passionate and encouraging and has a great atmosphere for co-workers.

How will you contribute to increase efficiency and simplify e-commerce and store operations in your new role?
When companies are recognising the importance in supply chain management and shifting it from a support function to a key function, they have the ability to successfully manage and create more value in the supply chain process that gets directly reflected in P&L’s bottom line, and that is what I want to achieve. I hope that my knowledge and past experiences in supply chain will contribute to StrongPoints current business and to the growth ambitions.

We live in extraordinary times; how do you think the current situation with the coronavirus will affect the future of the retail industry?
Before the crisis, many companies were still going back and forth considering E-commerce. The current situation has made these decisions even more crucial for many businesses to survive. Reduction of physical interactions while shopping has got a whole new meaning these days. It’s no longer only about retail efficiency and productivity in the store. It’s about about the safety of the customers and the employees. To ensure that, you’ll need the right tools, and StrongPoint has a lot to offer in these situations.