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Let Retail Cash Management boost your business

Published: 11. January 2016

Many retailers around the world see cash as a problem. They feel it is time -consuming to handle, a source of many mistakes, hard to get an overview on, and makes the business a potential victim of theft and robbery.

Store managers with a Retail Cash Management solution in place see it another way. They gladly accept cash since all the time-consuming, mistake-filled and risky cash handling has been replaced with safe and effective cash management.

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Start Retail Cash Management

With a Retail Cash Management solution, you remove all manual cash handling. The solution counts and seals the cash at the checkout and is not opened until the CIT company comes and collects the cash. This removes all risks of theft and human mistakes at the same time as it makes the whole cash process much more effective.

The cash management software gives you full control over your cash flow. You can at any time see how much cash you have at any cashpoint and the system alerts you when it is time to replenish or collect the cash.

How it works

StrongPoint and Retail Cash Management

StrongPoint sells and manufactures the Retail Cash Management solution CashGuard. We have 25 000 installed systems around the world and some five million retail customers use our cash management solution every day. With this track record, we can honestly say that we know the best practices of retail cash management.