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Is it possible to switch self-checkout supplier without losing your previous investment?  

Published: 30. June 2023

Are you also worried that your self-checkout investments might be at risk? This seems to be a concern of late, based on the increasing number of enquiries StrongPoint has received from retailers who are concerned about their self-checkout supplier.  

The short answer is that even if a supplier fails to deliver, you don’t necessarily have to start from scratch and reinvest in an entirely new solution.  

“The consequences of supplier failure can be devastating.”

McKinsey, 2023

How can StrongPoint help you? 

There are three ways we can secure your self-checkout investments even if your original supplier(s) can’t.   

1. Take over, to a large extent, the maintenance of your existing installed base  
2. Add our software to your existing units, as we are hardware agnostic  
3. Expand functionality with our AI-powered item recognition for lightning-fast checkout and reduced shrinkage 

When one of your self-checkouts reaches the end of its lifecycle, you can replace them with one-by-one with StrongPoint’s self-checkout solution with minimal disruption and continue to provide your customers with a seamless user interface experience.   

Key Benefits

Prolong the life of any self-checkout  

Maintain your current self-checkout costs or even
reduce them 

Offer a consistent customer experience across all stores    

Key features of our solution 

StrongPoint has extensive experience in providing self-checkouts to retailers and many customers mix their existing hardware with StrongPoint’s made-for-groceries software.  

Hardware agnostic

Seamlessly integrates with almost all self-checkout hardware.

Designed for groceries 

Extensive range of grocery specific features comes as standard and are designed for hyper-fast checkout. 

Powerful fraud prevention 

Includes AI-powered item recognition and weight control. 

Staff app  

Mobile attendant app for monitoring and remote checks. 

Instant age-check  

Integrated AI-powered age-estimation for automatic age checks. 

Loose item product recognition

AI-powered item recognition means fastest possible checkout experience. 

Questions and answers

Is there a self-checkout operator that can service my existing self-checkouts even if purchased from a different supplier?  

Yes – StrongPoint can likely service your existing solution even if your existing supplier should fail to do so. However, keep in mind that there are limitations to how much we can do. Certain parts may not be obtainable and certain repairs may not be possible to execute.  

Will my current installed base of self-checkouts become obsolete if I get have problems with my current supplier?  

The life-cycle of your installed base will reach its end, but for most self-checkouts StrongPoint can prolong the life of your installed base by installing our software and servicing the solutions. We can also upgrade the installed base with state-of-the-art AI cameras for improved theft prevention and faster item selection – at a fraction of the cost of upgrading the entire solution.  

Can I continue to use my self-checkout hardware but replace just the software?  

Yes – you can use StrongPoint’s self-checkout software to create a completely seamless and consistent customer experience across all your self-checkouts, even if you have hardware from several suppliers.  

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