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How to run your store efficiently

Published: 19. February 2019

Many technologies are being developed faster than the users can adapt to them and therefore become more of a burden than a useful tool. However, thousands of stores use ShopFlow Logistics, which enables better communication between store, warehouse, staff and customer. This popularity shows that the technology is beneficial and what’s more, it ensures omnichannel trading is error free.

A day in the store

Tom is a sales representative at a fashion store. His team has just been introduced to the new tool -ShopFlow Logistics. There is a little bit of scepticism among the store staff because they will need to learn to use the new software. At least they won’t need to get used to an additional mobile device – the system simply works on a smart phone.

With the beginning of the new year’s sales, the store is busy. Sometimes it’s hard to tell how many items of a particular model are left in stock as Tom’s experience with the inventory proves it’s not always giving correct data. Just yesterday a customer left the store disappointed as the coat he was going to purchase was showing as available online, but, was sold out at the store. It’s the worst that can happen and Tom was lost for words.

The reason why such mishap happened was incorrect stock information, distributed between the store, staff and the customer. Today, just before the opening of the store, Tom received a notification that it was time for inventory. All staff were notified to count the items in a certain section of the store within the next hour. Once the stock counting was done, the administration checked over the numbers and once they verified them, the result was sent to the ERP system. That way the system registered the correct stock numbers and mistakes were avoided.

Mid-morning, a while after the inventory, Tom received another notification on his work’s smart phone that several items received 15% discount. He received an alert to change the prices, which he did as a matter of urgency.

Getting that dream dress

Sonia has been planning to get a new dress for a few weeks now and with January sales she has finally decided to purchase it in a shop at her local shopping mall. The evening before Sonia went to the store, she has checked online if the dress was in stock. She picked a red classic design dress. Happy with the colour choice, and excited about getting a new dress, she drove straight to the store after work.

She was greeted by Tom and taken to the new collection. Searching for the right model, they couldn’t find the dress in red colour. Sonia was beginning to lose hope to try on the dress, when Tom looked for the item on his ShopFlow logistics, the dress was marked as just arrived from the warehouse this morning. Due to busy morning with the inventory, and because Tom missed a prior notification from ShopFlow, it hasn’t been put on the display. Tom quickly picked up the dress and brought it straight to Sonia. She tried on the dress and decided to purchase it and was even happier when Tom told her that now the dress was at a 15% discount.

As this example shows, ShopFlow Logistics helps stores function better and provides traceability, availability, mobility and speed at the fingertips. The information is available immediately while consultant is talking to customer on the shop floor and its highly accurate.