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Checklist: How to ensure that your staff has enough customer focus

Published: 19. April 2017

Is the customer always in focus? Test your store’s customer focus using our checklist – and make sure your future customer meetings are top notch!

– No more cash handling

Do you find it hard to attract staff due to the cash responsibilities involved? Being personally responsible for money often means stress for employees, something that spills over on their other work and on the customers. Eliminate manual cash handling and switch the focus to your customers.

– System for quick log-in to tills

Difficult to open new tills? Simplify log-in by eliminating personal daily takings. Customers need never wait because your till system isn’t flexible.

– Self-checkout

Self-service increases your capacity and reduces queues. You also have the opportunity to rethink recruitment and instead focus on choosing those who have a good head for service and communication rather than maths. The reactive cashier required for manual cash handling is replaced with a proactive individual whose primary task is to instruct and help your customers.

– Staff training

Training staff in treatment, communication and support can be valuable for your business. These qualities should come naturally in daily work, and in order to create the best conditions, internal training can be a great step forward.

– ‘Select and Collect’ solution

Make sure you store expensive or sensitive goods securely. With a solution for secure dispensing of medicine or tobacco, for example, the cashier avoids spending time on fetching, monitoring and being responsible for valuable items. Handling the goods is also smoother for the customer, avoiding waiting times and instead receiving quick, quality service.

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