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A secure store with security cameras?

Published: 15. January 2016

Ever since the 60s retailers have installed security cameras in their stores to get rid of problems with shoplifting, internal theft and robberies. But how effective are really these cameras?

Security cameras vs. shoplifters

According to the National Association of Shoplifting Prevention, only 27% of the adult and juvenile shoplifters plan to steal something in advance. The majority of al shoplifters are normal customers triggered to steal when the desire for an item met with an opportunity. With that in mind, a visible camera might take the sense of opportunity out of the equation.

Even though the price on security cameras has dropped placing security cameras all over the store is not easy so the solution is often to focus them near small expensive items that are easy to steal. Unfortunately if a customer sees the camera they also understand what the camera sees and not. Simply moving the item around a shelf before putting it in their pocket might be enough to take the opportunity back.

To completely stop shoplifting of small expensive items a Loss Prevention solution might be a better choice.

Security cameras vs. employees

According to Supercircuits, traditional security cameras are not effective against employee theft. Over the latest years, more and more cameras have been installed in stores but the internal theft remains at 44% to 47% of all retail losses.

This is because employees have the luxury of knowing where the cameras are and where they are not. They have the time to plan their actions and know when they are out of sight of the stores security systems. To prevent that you would have to install hidden cameras at places where you suspect your staff of stealing, by the dumpsters or in the lunch room for example.

Hidden cameras might dough, if they are found, lead to a mistrust among your staff which might make your security efforts contra productive. A sealed Retail Cash Management solution might not solve the problems with employees stealing products but will make it impossible to steal cash.

Security cameras vs. robberies

Retail security cameras can have a deterrent effect, preventing a robbery of happening but since all the robber has to do is to wear a mask or a cap many robberies still happen right in front of the cameras. With that not saying that the cameras are useless, the footage from the camera will still be of great value for the police trying to catch the villain. But your cashier has still been traumatised and your cash and items have still been stolen.

A cash management solution will make it impossible for both the cashiers and the robbers to reach the cash making all robbery attempts useless. In countries where cash management solutions are frequent robbers know that and don’t even bother. If the store also has an automated loss prevention solution for their high-value products there is very little for the robber to take.

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