Scales and wrapping systems

Our environmentally friendly scales and wrapping systems are the future for weighing and packing. Their unique linerless function allows all new labeling requirements to fit on one label, at the same time making it as small as possible.

Scales and wrapping systems

Labels can be printed in various layouts and sizes, with a variety of fonts and eye-catching design. In addition, the backing paper is removed and it’s possible to get more out of each roll, which gives an environmental benefit producing less waste, reducing transportation while at the same time cutting the costs. The scales and wrapping systems are adapted to the European market.

The future of weighing and packing

The shop scales and wrapping systems can be connected to our proprietary ScaleManager and the store/chain’s backroom program. Otherwise, if you are not affiliated with a chain, the goods can be registered and maintained directly in ScaleManager. All information, such as menus and support, is in English.

Our scales and wrapping systems will enable you to:

  • Give your customers a unique and personal shopping experience
  • Streamline the working day by utilizing the scale’s user display
  • Increase productivity and earnings
  • Improve user satisfaction.

“We are very pleased with how we in a simple and time-saving way get the right prices, offers and tracking information on labels and price tags,” says Kjetil Kvarteig, Coop Mega Røros.

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