Reshelving robot – in partnership with Halodi Robotics

StrongPoint invests in the retail technology of tomorrow. That is why we have invested in, and cooperates with, Halodi Robotics. Together we are working to commercialize a humanoid grocery retail robot with the primary function of reshelving in-store, an operation which currently requires 30% of all labor hours in a grocery store. Take a look at the video on the right!

Key benefits

Save time

By allowing the reshelving robot to perform mundane and repetitive tasks such as reshelving, more time can be spent with helping the customers and improving the value proposition of the store.

Can work after hours

One of the great benefits with a robot is that it can work after the store has closed, without light, preparing the store for the next day.

Avoid injuries

Injuries on personnel related to heavy lifting can be minimalized with the lifting help of the reshelving robot. Making the store even safer for all staff.

No unnecessary interruptions

Nobody wants to be needlessly interrupted in their work or shopping experience, and that's why the reshelving robot is made to be quiet and no stronger than it needs to be.

Finding practical applications for tomorrow’s technology


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News regarding this project

StrongPoint invests in and partners with Halodi Robotics

StrongPoint, a leading provider of grocery retail technology solutions, is pleased to announce it has invested in and formed a strategic partnership with Halodi Robotics. Halodi is a leading provider of humanoid robots and will together with StrongPoint develop an in-store grocery retail robotics solution. The value of the partnership is approximately NOK 8 million, with half being allocated to research and development in the project, and half as a direct investment in Halodi Robotics.

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