Self-Checkout Hardware

The StrongPoint self-checkout hardware is interactive and intuitive with a modern design.

The self-checkout hardware can be ordered with space for one or two bags in the bagging area. It features LED lights that guide the customer through the check-out process. High-quality 19,5-inch screens further improves the checkout experience. The hardware can be combined with StrongPoint’s self-checkout software.


  • 1-bag solution, H x W x D in cm: 139 x 125 x 67
  • 2-bag solution, H x W x D in cm: 139 x 165 x 67

Customisable solution

  • 1 large bag bagging area
  • 2 large bags bagging area
  • Customizable colours

Security scale

  • Maximum load: 60 kg
  • Accuracy: 2 grams

Payment options

  • Smartcards
  • Magnetic stripe cards
  • NFC, Mobile Payment options
  • Verification via PIN pad (integration of various vendors)
  • Vouchers /Coupons /Deposit receipts with Bar Code
  • Integration with loyalty systems