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StrongPoint Click & Collect Parcel Lockers (BOPIS) support you as a retailer by providing a modern and efficient Last Mile option, ensuring you meet your new online customer’s demands. With the StrongPoints retail parcel locker, you manage your E-Commerce orders in an effective and customer-friendly way.


Secure, smart and customisable lockers for retail parcel deliveries.


Click & Collect lockers ensures fast and reliable collection of parcels for your customers – eliminating queues, removes the need for a “warehouse” in the store and ensures the correct parcel always reaches your customer. All the while you lower your transportation costs and improve your margins.


The Click & Collect parcel lockers are designed for retailers of any industry that are ready to combine their online business with the physical stores.

Modular Design
The locker is customisable with a set-up of two modules and three compartment sizes.
• Small 95x365x480 mm
• Middle 215x365x480 mm
• Large 330x365x480 mm

It is delivered in a neutral grey colour but can be customised to fit your profile. The “plug and play” design only requires one day on-site installation.


Solid Construction
The lockers are built to withstand tough conditions. All interior metal surfaces are made in high-quality stainless steel, and the external surfaces are made in galvanised, coated steel.
Door hinges and locks are hidden behind protective panels to protect against break-ins and tampering.


Smart and Connected
The software controls all functions and can be integrated into the ERP and logistics systems.

The integrated SMS service keeps the customers informed when they can pick up their package.
The locker notifies the staff in case of open doors and other incidents and features central monitoring with connection to the StrongPoint Support Centre if assistance is needed.

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