CashGuard Premium

CashGuard Premium is the leading cash management solution on the market. It has a proven track record of providing efficient cash management to retailers. The solution is well-known for its quality, reliability and security. CashGuard’s reporting functions give retailers control of their cash management. That allows them to focus on the business instead of the cash. CashGuard Premium is comprised of three CashGuard products: Coin Recycler, Note Recycler and Note Collector.

Better customer service

CashGuard Premium allows to provide better customer service and faster checkout.

Closed system

The system is sealed and secured which eliminates human errors, internal theft and shrinkage.

Better management control

CashGuard Premium offers better management control as it counts the cash correctly every time.

New Business opportunities

Banks leave more cash-related transactions to the retail industry, which provides retailers new opportunities to offer more services.

Improved hygiene

When facing the customer, CashGuard Premium improves hygiene as the staff no longer has to touch any cash.


Lower costs

CashGuard Premium can cut costs related to cash by 30% and the time spent on cash by 50%

Increased security

CashGuard is tamper proof and the cashier has no access to the money. This significantly lowers the risk for robbery

Peace of mind

Retailers no longer have to worry about cash related issues. CashGuard takes care of the cash, so the retailer can take care of the business

This coin recycler S8 is compact and built to achieve problem-free up-time and 24/7-operations.

It features serial coin feeding and counts and tracks the coins automatically. The information is then transferred to the back-office software. An electronic lock, that tracks and records any opening, protects the money. That creates a safe and accurate coin management experience for customers, staff and management.

Technical specifications

Number of Denominations: Up to 8 denominations
Coin Capacity: 300-550 depending on denomination and currency
Recycling: All coins are recyclable
Feeding: Up to 1.7 coins per second
Dispense: 5-8 coins per second, depending on denomination
Currencies: Major currencies
Display: Integrated Customer Display
Width: 320 mm
Height: 520-585 mm depending on model
Depth: 297-311 mm depending on model
Weight: 25-26 kg depending on model (excluding coins)



The note recycler SVS4 / SVS5 ensures secure storage, correct change to customers and optimised levels for all denominations.

It is also tamper-proof and can only be opened by authorised staff. The note recycler comes with either four or five cassettes to accommodate a varying number of denominations. It can also be equipped with ink protection technology for extra security.

Technical specifications

Storage Technology: 4-5 note cassettes depending on model
Note Capacity: 800-1 000 notes depending on model
Recycling: Al notes are recyclable
Deposit: Up to 2 notes per second
Dispense: 2-4 notes per second
Currencies: All major currencies
Measurements: Varying, depending on model
Weight: 65-297 kg, depending on model
Compatible Note Collector: All Note Recyclers have compatible Note Collectors
Ink dyeing option: Yes



The Note Collector TBB4 is used for secure transfer of notes from the cash point to the back-office.

The design prevents unauthorised access during the collection and transfer process. The electronic interface allows you to track banknotes and log user access.

Technical specifications

Storage Technology: 4 separate note compartments
Note Capacity: Up to 400 notes per compartment
Security Lock: Security lock with mechanical key
External Interface: EasyConnect for connection to CashGuard note recycler
Weight: 5 kg
Width: 550 mm
Height: 235 mm
Depth: 305 mm