CashGuard Core

CashGuard Core is our newest and “smartest” cash management solution. Based on the most popular features of our CashGuard Premium but with a more modern touch, we now offer a slimmed-down version of the Premium, but with the same great core.

Just like Premium, CashGuard Core is built for supermarkets and other industries where speed is of essential importance. The automatic coin feeder offers faster coin payments then CashGuard Premium. The system is scaled-down to better fit into a larger variety of shops and stores.

CashGuard Core also features a note deposit for extra security on your high denomination banknotes.


A new scaled-down solution with all Core cash management features.


Taking retail cash management to the next level on a future-proof platform with a sleeker design.


The solution is designed for supermarkets but will perform in any retail environment where speed is of the essence.

Recycling: All denominations

Max deposit speed: 5 coins per second 1,5 notes per second

Max dispense speed: 5 coins per second 3 notes per second

Lock: Mechanical

Currencies: SEK, EUR

Display: 4.3” colour LCD display

Core Coin Recycler

Colours: Black/Dark grey
Inlet: Bunch feed of coins
Outlet: Multi coin bowl
Denominations: Max 8
Recycling Capacity: 1,500 coins
Coin Box:  500 coins
Customer Interface: Interactive RGB lights


Core Note recycler (3/4 / 5 cassette option)

Colours: Black/Dark grey
Configuration: Multislot with 1-3 denominations per cassette
Denominations: Max 7
Note Capacity: 200 per cassette (600/800/ 1000)


Core Note deposit

Colours: Black/Dark grey
Configuration: Single feed of notes
Denominations: Max 7
Note Box: 500 notes

Core Coin Recycler

Material: Steel casing
Width: 190 mm
Height: 560 mm
Depth: 330 mm
Weight: 23 kg (excl. coins)


Core Note recycler (3 /4 / 5 cassette option)

Material: Steel casing
Width: 420 mm / 553 mm / 686 mm
Hight: 248 mm
Depth Max: 302 mm
Depth Bottom: 293 mm
Weight incl. cassettes: 31 kg / 39,5 kg / 48 kg


Core Note Deposit

Material: Steel casing
Width: 188 mm
Height: 409 mm
Depth: 410 mm
Weight: 28 kg

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