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Rema 1000 achieves zero shrinkage with Select & Collect


REMA 1000 is a multinational no-frills supermarket chain owned
entirely by the Reitangruppen. The company does business in Norway
and Denmark.




The Challenge

Reitangruppen’s grocery store Rema 1000 Stavset in Trondheim continuously focuses on making it as easy as possible for the customers to do their shopping. The store also wants to make sure its employees have a good working environment and that the logistics in the store are optimized.


The Solution

The retail solution they chose is named Vensafe. Through a post-checkout dispensing system, Vensafe provides efficient store operations, reduces losses and theft and helps reduce stock. With Vensafe, retailers can eliminate loss of premium-price products such as razors, cosmetics, fragrances, ink cartridges, video games, cigarettes, medication, family planning and more.

All transactions and events on Vensafe vending machine are logged. This applies to both sales and physical events, such as stock refills and opening the doors, etc. Each product sold can be traced back to the counter and the time of sale and dispensing.


The Result

“With Vensafe, we always know what products we have in addition to having control over losses”, says store manager Øyvind Dahl at the Rema 1000 Stavset store in Trondheim. “The point is that we are able to follow every transaction so closely and that everything can be controlled at all times. Having an overview is the most important difference for us; now that we have full control over performance, orders and the entire process, everything is very clear. This is a completely new and improved world for us”, says Dahl.

He continues:
“We have all experienced that everything became much easier and time efficient with Vensafe. In the past, employees would run around the grocery store restocking goods. Now it is much easier. We don’t restock goods during opening hours anymore; clutter and bags in the customer area are things of the past. We perform a “raid” every Sunday, restocking and ordering. It’s enough to fully stock the Vensafe dispenser once per week, and restock two times after that”, states Dahl.

Sales of tobacco products is an important source of revenue for the store. So the proper storage of such products is very important.

“Our customers will not run the risk buying a box of snuff that has been sitting on the shelf for several months. We always carry fresh goods because we have control over our stock and refills. I hear the customers say: ‘We know that the tobacco products are fresh here’. It is certainly important to us that customers are noticing the difference and voicing their satisfaction”, says Dahl.

He concludes:
“I recommend Vensafe to everyone I talk to – it is absolutely worth the money.”


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