Baltic Retail Forum 2022 Estonia

After a short break, the conference again invites to gather all retail professionals. For the 12th time, we will meet in Tallinn, Estonia.

This past year was full of challenges for retailers, required lightning-fast reaction and adaptation. So let‘s take a look at:

  • How the market and consumers reacted, what lessons were learned, and what we could predict for the future
  • What technological innovations have the period brought and what could we expect shortly?
  • E-commerce – what efficiency formulas lie in the field

When? April 12, from 9 AM

Where? Port of Tallinn Cruise Terminal, Tallinn, Estonia

Participation is free of charge for StrongPoint partners and customers

Information in Estonian

Baltic Retail Forum 2022 Estonia




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Content and speakers

All presentations will feature simultaneous interpretation from English to Estonian and vice versa 




Moderator Vladislav Lušin

What’s cooking in the economy?


Mihkel Nestor

Chief economist at SEB bank 

High inflation, rising interest rates, geopolitical threats – heavy clouds seem to be gathering on the economic horizon.

Yet looking at the actual business results, few could complain.

Will the economy continue to thrive despite all these threats and which trends will shape our economic future?


Changes in shopping habits and outlook for 2022

Erlend Villems

Business Development & Administration Manager Estonia at NielsenIQ 

The pandemic has changed consumers’ shopping habits and there are trends that most probably will continue also in the future. The attributes that matter to most of the consumers is also changing as well as consumers’ concerns about everyday life. Retailers and producers need to adapt to the new reality to be successful in the market.

We will also observe how LIDL’s entry to the Baltics has changed shopping habits and the market landscape.


Advanced Analytics in Grocery Retail: Getting the Most Out of Your Data

Nikita Strezhnev

Data Analytics Manager at Rimi Baltic

Retail is one of the most data-rich industries out there. And yet for many, it remains a challenge to realize the full potential of that data using Advanced Analytics. You will find out:
• What is Advanced Analytics and how is it different?
• How can retailers use Advanced Analytics to create value?
• What does it take to build an Advanced Analytics capability?


Frictionless retail


Daniel Lundh

Founder Storekey, the platform for cashier-less retail

Founder Lifvs, the fastest growing and largest unmanned grocery store chain in Europe



Certification of Age Assurance Systems for Retailers


Tony Allen, CEO of Age Check Certification Scheme

• Learn about ISO/IEC PWI 7732 – Age Assurance Systems – the new international standard

• How this fits into Digital Identity and Trust Frameworks

• Age Check Certification Scheme – we test that ID and age check systems work

• Test Purchasing/Mystery Shopping in retail (online and offline)


Science Show



Science show by Science Theatre AHHAA

There is science behind every technology. This is the unique opportunity to see the most spectacular science experiments with AHHAA Science Center team – from mystical colour reactions, puffs of smoke, fireworks, and different explosions

Micro-Fulfilment: The New Era in Urban Logistics



James Smith

Managing Director at AutoStore System UK


Frictionless shopping, "just walk out" models and unmanned stores - what is happening in this field?


Andrius Kalašinskas

Global Director of Solution Consulting at StrongPoint Technology

Unmanned stores and frictionless shopping not so long time ago seemed like a futuristic vision. But now we are already seeing so many concepts and cashier-less stores in action. The presentation will take a holistic approach to review what is happening in this field and what is the potential of different models.

When we will be passing by the robots at stores?


Julius Stulpinas

SVP & MD at StrongPoint Technology

• Robotization is stepping into a wide range of sectors: why should retail be an exception

• Helper or just a futuristic vision: What tasks might be delivered to robots

• From vision to development: when it is likely that we will be able to meet robots in Estonian stores


The New Retail Reality


Mark Thomson

Retail Industry Director EMEA at Zebra Technologies

Together we will explore how retail has changed forever:
• The impact of omnichannel growth on margins
• The need for automation in the retail sector and new models
• The role of staff in this modern digital environment


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The event will be photographed and/or filmed, so please be aware that you may be featured in photos or videos of the event, and these photos or videos may be posted on publicly available social networks or media.

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