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StrongPoint ASA strives to have an open IR policy towards its shareholders and the market in general. The group uses its website and e-mail to provide investors and analysts with relevant information.

Information for shareholders is also available at (ticker STRO). StrongPoint ASA has frequent contact with investors and analysts to provide the best possible information regarding the group’s financial situation and development. The market is informed of orders/contracts worth MNOK 10 or more, as well as orders that are considered strategically important.

StrongPoint ASA is a public limited company and is established under Norwegian law. The company is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. The Group’s issued share capital is NOK 27.513.145 allocated as 44.376.040 shares, each with a par or nominal value of NOK 0.62, all fully paid up and issued in accordance with Norwegian law. The company has one class of shares.

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Hilde Horn Gilen
 +47 92 06 01 58

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