StrongPoint’s shareholders should over time get a competitive return on their investment through a combination of cash dividends and increased value of their shares.

When deciding the annual dividend level, the board of directors will take into consideration expected cash flows, investments in organic growth, plans for growth through mergers and acquisitions, and needs for appropriate financial flexibility. In addition to cash dividends, StrongPoint ASA may buy back shares as part of its total distribution of capital to the shareholders.

Accounting year/Dividend per share

2018 / 0.55 (General assembley)
2017 / 0,50 (General assembley)
2016 / 0,50 (General assembley)
2016 / 1,00 (Extraordinary)
2015 / 0,45 (General assembley)
2014 / 0,35 (General assembley)
2013 / 0,30 (General assembley)
2012 / 0,25 (General assembley)
2011 / 0,25 (General assembley)

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