Shareholder policy

The boards work shall be based on the principle of independence in relation to the management and the principle of equality and accountability to all shareholders.

The company’s shares are freely transferable, and the board / administration considers it a priority to focus on activities that enhance liquidity in its shares. The company’s shareholder policy is based on the principle of one share – one vote. Potential acquisitions and restructuring situations the Board will exercise particular concern so that all shareholder’s values ​​and interests are safeguarded.

A key task for the Board to ensure that the company operates on the basis of an optimal capital structure. Equity transactions, including emission authorizations, are to be justified in terms of scope, form and timing.

The board and management must ensure that the company’s information policy is such that it becomes publicly correct, complete and timely information about the company. This will render as correct pricing of the company’s stock as possible. Furthermore, the information policy should provide shareholders with the best possible basis for their investment decision and the best possible basis for decisions on voting at general meetings.

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