Articles of association

§ 1 The Company

The Company’s name is StrongPoint ASA. The Company is a public limited company.

§ 2 Municipality

The Company shall have its registered office in Rælingen. General Meetings shall be held in Rælingen or Oslo.

§ 3 The Company’s Activities

Company is to be a leading developer, manufacturer, integrator and marketer of retail technology with a focus on cash management.

§ 4 Share capital and shares

The share capital is NOK 27 513 144.80, divided on 44,376,040 shares with a nominal value of NOK 0.62.

§ 5 Directors

The Board shall consist of 3 to 12 members, according to the decision by the General Meeting.

§ 6 Signature

The company’s signature assigned to the chairman of the board alone and two board members jointly.

§ 7 The General Assembly

The Annual General Meeting shall consider and decide:

1. Approval of the annual accounts, including the payment of dividends;

2. other matters which by law or the Articles of Association is to be decided by the General Assembly.

Documents relating to matters to be considered at the general meeting, including documents which by law should be included in or attached to the notice need not be sent to shareholders if the documents are available on the company website. A shareholder can request to receive documents by mail concerning matters to be discussed at the General Assembly.

§ 8 Nomination Committee

The Company shall have a Nomination Committee. The Nomination Committee proposes candidates to the Board and remuneration for board members. The Nomination Committee shall consist of three members elected by the General Assembly, who are elected for a period of up to two years. The Election Committee shall be composed so broad shareholder interests are represented

Adopted by the General Meeting on 27 August 2015


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