Webinar – How can grocery finally strike gold online?

StrongPoint hosted this webinar together with The Grocer, and invited Simon Mayhew from IGD and Nick Carroll from Mintel to join us with their expert opinions.

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Webinar – How can grocery finally strike gold online?

It is the Holy Grail of e-grocery: processing online orders hyper-fast, at scale with almost no errors, while also turning a profit. The race for online market share is on and for those already late to the game they really need to hurry. For years, making online groceries profitable has seemed an impossible obstacle and efficiency rates of in-store picking seemingly capped without the help of robotics. But now every grocery retailer needs to leverage every opportunity and squeeze ever last drop of efficiency. So, what’s the secret? In partnership with Grocer Vision, this latest webinar with grocery e-commerce technology specialists StrongPoint will explore the practicalities of building a hyper-efficient and profitable grocery e-commerce. It will cover how grocery retailers can leverage their existing assets – their stores and their staff – and how and when they should invest in automation. In addition StrongPoint will demonstrate how grocery retailers in Scandinavia have squared the circle of delivering profit on e-groceries with in-store picking at labour rates of £25-£35 an hour.

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