We at StrongPoint Labels care about our environment and we feel that it´s important to contribute to different organizations that work for good causes.

There are many organizations that could need sponsors, but we have collected a few that we really care about. Please read about them below.



Dairy in Tanzania

At the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is a small dairy situated where the Maasai people now can pasteurize their milk.

It’s a Swedish man named Bertil Wennberg who has been involved in starting up this project. When he turned to Strong Point Labels for help with dating, we of course wanted to assist. So now, the Maasai people can label their pasteurized dairy products such as sour milk, yogurt and milk with date labels from our production plant in Malmo, Sweden.



We are a proud sponsor to the Children’s Cancer Foundation and support their operation; national childhood cancer research and providing assistance to affected children and families. Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation’s overall goal is that all children affected by cancer to become healthy again and live satisfactory lives. Children fights for their life and we want to help them to fight.

Read more about their work on www.barncancerfonden.se.

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