Loss Prevention

Prevent loss of high value items

Shrinkage due to employee theft and shoplifting make up 77% of the total shrinkage globally. The most frequently stolen products are small premium price items, such as razors, cosmetics, medicine, condoms, pregnancy tests, batteries, non-prescription drugs and accessories – products that are easy to conceal and re-sell.

Vensafe is StrongPoint’s solution that eliminates losses and optimises inventory operations. The most frequently stolen products are stored in the secure Vensafe dispenser and are delivered to a customer only after the payment is complete. This protects profits by preventing all losses due to shoplifting.

How it works

Customer selects an item from the Vensafe kiosk and receives a paper ticket. He then provides the ticket at the checkout for payment. After the payment is done, the customer gets the product from the smart dispenser on the way out. Vensafe kiosks can be placed in various locations across the store floor.


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