ShopFlow Logistics

ShopFlow Logistics

ShopFlow Logistics offers retail chains brand new ways of greeting and assisting customers in-store. Staff can view the stock balance for every variation of a product in their store, nearby stores or online – all in one mobile device. Customers’ web orders for in-store retrieval can be managed as well. Omnichannel all the way to the shop!

ShopFlow Logistics turns your vision into reality. When linked to mobile devices, ShopFlow Logistics simplifies your in-store routines while also making them more efficient. Equip your staff with the means to help customers in-store. Minimize the time put into stocktaking, take control of shipping, prices, orders and loss of goods.

Modern & Mobile Store Operations for Digitized Trade

Streamline the flow in your stores

When a customer enters a store and realizes that the product has run out, it can cause major annoyance. Perhaps the customer has checked the stock of the product via the store’s website but is met with a blow in the store. The positive expectation of getting the item is quickly changed to disappointment and frustration. It is not just a lost sale for the store and the retail chain; it may also turn into a loss of customer in the future.

StrongPoint Cub helps retail chains to provide employees with a tool to minimize these negative occurrences for customers. With our system, we enable access to the necessary store information to meet the customer’s needs here and now. Through mobile solutions, information is always available. We provide your staff the information needed to give the customers the service they expect. With smart solutions for managing goods flow, staff can rely on availability of goods.

ShopFlow Logistics is a mobile logistics system for handling routines such as goods received and delivered, inventory, price changes, ordering, label printing and waste management. Reading barcodes with mobile devices increases the speed and considerably decreases the risk of errors.

ShopFlow Logistics has been developed with the unique experience StrongPoint Cub has had within the Retail Sector for decades. Many large retail chains save time every day using ShopFlow Logistics in its operations. Even a beginner can quickly get started with easy-to-use routines in the handheld computer. Our system is the solution to provide your employees with better information and tools to meet your customers.

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