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Click & Collect – the best of both worlds

In the past few years, e-commerce kept gradually increasing and there are no signs that it will slow down (  For traditional retailers, this means a new type of competition, but also new possibilities to meet the customers’ needs and offer a superb customer service.

Online sales of groceries have recently accelerated and, according to some studies, 25% of shoppers have tried buying groceries online ( It is the convenience of not having to push the shopping cart between the shelves and not having to wait in line to pay that attract customers to online shopping. But there are reasons why online sales of groceries still have not completely exploded.

“Convenience isn’t everything. Consumers will shop for groceries online only if the offer is right: they’re not willing to sacrifice the price, quality, and range of products that they’ve grown accustomed to in the supermarket, and they won’t put up with inconvenient delivery or pickup arrangements.”
(McKinsey & Company)

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E-commerce has many benefits, but it can also bring inconvenient or expensive deliveries. Paying for delivery and having to wait at home during a certain time slot is not something customers appreciate. The Click & Collect concept solves that. Letting your customers shop online and then pick up the groceries themselves gives them the best of both worlds – the ease of doing the shopping over the internet and not having to pay or wait for delivery.

” Many survey respondents said they pass a grocery store on their daily commute anyway, and they don´t like having to wait at home for delivery.”
(McKinsey & Company)

Give your customers the best shopping experience, no matter if they choose to shop in the store or online.

 New possibilities with Click & Collect

 StrongPoint’s Click & Collect solution features a pick-up station that enables you to meet the demands of the modern, connected customer. They can shop online and pick up the groceries without having to enter the store or keep to the store’s opening hours. This gives them the convenience of online shopping without the costs and inconveniences related to home deliveries.


Pick & Collect

Alongside Click & Collect, there is Pick & Collect. It helps organise order picking in the warehouse or the store, which is one of the major parts of managing online orders. The cloud-based system optimises order picking, plans best route through the store or warehouse, minimises human errors and supports voice picking and pick-by-light functions.

Selling age restricted items online

AI technology now allows for the age restricted items, bought online to be collected from Click & Collect lockers without the assistance of the store attendants. When collecting the purchases, the customer confirms his age via Yoti age verification app. Upon successful verification, the respective locker door unlocks, and the items can be collected.


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AI and age verification technology for Click & Collect

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