Our different labels

Every single product demands an unique label

In the world of labels you’ll find thousands of materials and many different adhesives. They are manufactured to suit unique products with unique features. Will the product be exposed to moisture, high temperatures or a dusty environment? Then the label needs to meet different standards or features.

We produce profile labels, logistics labels and tickets and tags. If you know what product you’re going to have to label, what it wants to meet, and what information it should contain, we arrange everything else with our design team. They will happily help you with how your label will look like, either if it’s a label from sctratch or just a small adjustment of an existing label.


Different products demands different labels


Whether you fill water, cider or beer in bottles the product is completely anonymous without a label. A nicely designed label made from a fine paper should signal the contents of the bottle. In our digital presses we can also print variable pressure, it may be different labels after each other on the label roll, this creates endless possibilities to vary the layout. Imagine 10 bottles next to each other in a bar where the basic layout is the same, but there are variations in the images.


Food labeling is getting wider all the time, most recently allergens. Since the label must be selling well, maybe a nice 4-color image showing the cooked food would be nice. It is important that the label’s adhesive does not migrate to the contents of the packaging, are you sure your labels do not migrate? Talk to us so we sort this out for you.

Home & Personal care

Getting your product to stand out on store shelves so that it becomes the most attractive to the consumer chooses requires a nicely designed label, while it should be informative and contain the information required by law. The choice of label quality is crucial so that the label stays nice during the entire life of the product. A bottle with a crumpled label does not look so nice out and maybe get the consumer to choose another product next time.

Wine & Spirits

To label noble drinks such as wine and spirits usually require that little bit extra in terms of material and printing. Silver or gold foiling and perhaps partial UV varnish to highlight elements of the pressure. Did you know that there are new label materials that meet a number of hours in the ice bucket without getting dirty and loose from the bottle. Get in touch and we’ll send samples.


Retail labelling often stay at the price labeling of packaged foods, what if the staff in the store would work more actively with campaign stickers to pep up the product, or signals an offer. For example, the packaging of beef fillet has a message about the 10% discount on a special bearnaise sauce.


Labels that should stick for a long time on a product and carries important information makes great demands on the label and its pressure. Take for example a chain saw with a long warranty that are used out in dirty dusty environments where it is important that the label remains and can withstand mechanical abrasion and UV light. We solve this with polyester labels laminated after printing for a safe long-lived label.

Pharmaceutical & Healh care

Drug Labeling makes great demands on accuracy in labeling, while beauty products puts greater demands on the design. Foiling in gold or silver to lift a sober design tends to be neat. Does your product contain essential oils which places high demands on the choice of the right adhesive?. Contact us for samples.

Transport & Logistics

An unprinted label will after printing be the difference between the completion and a delivery problem. With a no readable label is the item completely anonymous. We have the in market common transport labels on stock for immediate delivery. When it comes to logistics labels for labeling incoming goods in a store, you can choose a lower paper quality for the award sake if you dare, it might be cheaper in the long run if you choose a slightly higher quality that is readable for the eye and the scanner even if the will be standing on the stock for some time.

Oil & Industrial chemicals

Here, the design must appeal to the consumer while the label must contain very important information about the environmental and health impacts. If the products are transported by sea it requires special materials and adhesive that can handle many months on the ocean floor without being destroyed, does your labels manage that? Check with us for safety’s sake.


To label tires requires a strong adhesive that remains despite the small rubber bristles strive to stretch out. We work with the label laminate with metallized back mainly used for pre-printed labels. Thermal labels with tyre adhesive are usually used as transport labels for tires.

Tickets and tags

Scorecards for golf, movie tickets, parking tickets, event tickets. There are many ways to use materials without adhesive, and there are many different qualities to get a tag / ticket that can withstand the stresses it is subjected to.

Movie tickets for instance shall not live that long, but although be able to be readable after a while in your pocket. Parking tickets must withstand UV light and remain legible during the time they apply. Most tickets are made of thermal paper with no coating or different degrees of coating to withstand mechanical wear. Scorecard is produced by thick thermal cardboard and is often provided with 4-color printing and varnish to create an exclusive feel, scorecards are perforated for easy folding to a small folder to fit a pocket. There are a variety of synthetic qualities to meet the tough requirements found in eg the steel industry. Contact us with your requirements and we will find the right solution for you.

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