Label Solutions

Your labels can help you sell more. We design and manufacture self-adhesive labels for all kinds of products. With our extensive experience, we know what is required when choosing materials and adhesives. And high-speed delivery means you will receive your customized labels quickly.

Label Solutions

Labels to various industries

StrongPoint Labels produces a wide range of labels to all different lines of business, such as  food- and beverage, beauty- and health, chemical products and the manufacturing industry. With our long experience in producing labels, we know what is required when choosing material, adhesives and high-speed delivery to our customers.

Solution to your problem

One of our strengths is that we start with analyzing your business needs for labels. From the product’s attributes, its packaging and according to your application we create a label together that not only works practically in your factory, but also successfully carries your specific brand message. Your label must follow your graphical guidelines and it should be designed to make it stand out on the shelf amongst your competitors’ products. Together we can find a solution that makes all this happen.

Our printing plants are well equipped with the latest technology. This includes both digital and flexo printing. This enables us to accommodate both small and large runs.

In-house design

In our in-house design department we can make your labels from scratch, or we can adjust your existing labels to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Our creative team is well known for its broad competency and deep knowledge in designing labels.  If you choose to design your label with us, we are able to secure the entire label process, from idea to labeled product.

We don’t see any difficulties when it comes to color, shape or design. We only see opportunities and we are happy to take part in your challenges and successfully meet them together.

Your labels can make you sell more. Choosing the right label supplier is the first step toward making your labels a powerful selling tool. Your idea — our challenge!

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Our different labels

We produce profile labels, logistics labels and tickets and tags. If you know what product you’re going to have to…


The design of your label is important to make your product stand out amongst all products in your market. We can assist you in designing your label and we have great experience when it comes to producing and designing labels for many different types of packaging.

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