Vensafe Tobacco Sales Automation

Modern store layouts with more self-checkouts changes the customer journey with less human interaction and over the counter service. At the same time, new regulations restrict the way the products may be displayed and sold.

Some retailers therefore set up dedicated tobacco counters to handle all tobacco sales. That’s expensive and creates a disrupted shopping experience where the queues often get long. But they have not heard about Vensafe.

Vensafe Tobacco Sales Automation

Efficient and responsible tobacco sales

Vensafe by StrongPoint offers a responsible and secure way of selling tobacco without having the physical products at each checkout. This enables you to sell tobacco from all checkouts (including self-checkouts). Now your customers can include it in their regular shopping.

The solution is compliant with market regulations and the products are hidden at all time and can only be accessed after verifying the customer’s age and that the products are fully paid for. Also, the electronic price list is displayed according to regulations. That creates secure, efficient and responsible tobacco sales.

Improved operations

Since all products are stored at the same place your replenishment is much faster. As the system keeps track of your stock you do not have to take stock manually.

Zero shrinkage

The products are only available after payment which makes theft impossible. The system also tracks all door openings, minimising internal theft.

Convenient shopping experience

Vensafe is easy to use and allows the customer to purchase tobacco from any checkout (including the self-checkouts). No more need to stand in line to a separate tobacco counter.

Responsible tobacco sales

The products are hidden and the picklist can be set in “plain mode” where no product images are displayed. Software updates keeps the system ready for new legislations.

Securing other small high-value products

Eliminate theft on other small high-value products like medicine and razors by including them in the Vensafe solution.

Secure AI-based age verification

We offer secure AI-based age estimation so customers can complete their tobacco purchase from a self-checkout without staff interaction.

Contactless/ zero-touch tobacco purchasing

Tobacco purchased at the self-checkout is dispensed directly to the customer – eliminating any physical contact. Whereas, purchase made at manned checkout enables touchless journey.


This is Vensafe

A vensafe solution consists of three components; the Kiosk, the Dispenser and the Vensafe Manager Software.


The Kiosk comes in a variety of sizes and mounting options making it easy to place. The bright touch screen makes it easy for your customers to select their products.


The Dispensers are secure and each can dispense up to 80 different products, and a total of 1600 articles.


All components are tied together by the Vensafe Manager software. It gives you full inventory control and alerts if you are running low on any item. It is designed for simple configuration and inventory updates.

Vensafe dispenser

Vensafe dispenser handles products of different sizes and shapes. It’s optimised for tobacco and most stolen item sales in store….

Vensafe kiosk

The Vensafe kiosk makes it easy for your customers to browse and select the products they are looking for. The…

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