Tobacco through manned checkouts

Vensafe transforms how the tobacco items are sold in stores today and automates the whole process, improves shopping experience and ensures compliance with local tobacco sales regulations.

Tobacco through manned checkouts

Increase productivity

Storing tobacco at each checkout is time consuming, expensive and makes it hard to keep track on inventory. With Vensafe all tobacco products are stored in the Vensafe Dispenser but can be purchased from any checkout. This makes the replenishment much faster and enables you to keep a broad tobacco assortment (up to 240 SKU:s) with a reduced total stock volume.

The Vensafe Manager Software will give you full inventory control. You can at any time get real-time inventory reports and the software will alert when any products need to be refilled.

Zero Shrinkage

Products sold with the Vensafe solution are only handed out after they have been paid for. The Vensafe Dispenser has a mechanical lock and all door openings are tracked by the software. This eliminates theft and shrinkage. You can also use the Vensafe solution for your other small high-value products like cosmetics, razors and batteries to eliminate theft and free up retail space.

How it works?

  • Customer selects an item from the Vensafe kiosk and receives a paper ticket
  • He then provides ticket at the checkout for payment
  • After the payment is done, the customer gets the product from the smart dispenser on the way out

Alternatively to kiosk, customer can simply ask the cashier for a desired tobacco item at any checkout. In this case, the cashier will use an integrated POS picklist to select the item for the customer.


This is Vensafe

Features and benefits

Universal product dispensing

• Patented dispensing technology handles different form and size products within the same unit

Smart cabinets

• High capacity – 80 to 480 SKUs and 1,600 to 9,600 individual items
• Optional cooling unit for snus, medicine or other products
• Central management
• Webservices API to POS and self-checkouts
• Custom branding

Zero shrinkage

• Products are delivered only after the payment is received while internal shrinkage is controlled with software measures

Store productivity

• Optimized product replenishment process
• Real – time stock status
• Stock value reduction

Responsible tobacco selling and regulatory compliance

• Products are hidden all the time
• Not a vending solution
• Age verification by store employee or biometrics
• Plain packaging mode
• Solution against proxy sales

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