Sunrise Technology

Sunrise Technology develops fully integrated technology solutions that bring retailers, shoppers and manufacturers into a common platform, based on a close collaboration with Microsoft. Sunrise Technology´s Retail as a Service (RaaS) product, powered by Microsoft Azure, offers a suite of capabilities to collect customer insights, enhance employee productivity, improve out-of-stocks, improve the customer experience, and allow for hyper personalization using proprietary technology.

EDGE is an innovative, digitally enabled shelf that integrates seamlessly into any retail environment.

  • Enhance the shopper experience
  • Automate digital pricing
  • Generate endcap display compliance data
  • Create base for interactivity with shoppers
  • Generate ad revenue via LEAP

LEAP is a digital ad platform bringing brand advertising to shelves, media players and handhelds in a retail environment.

  • New revenue from non CPG & Brand advertisers
  • Media reseller promotes campaigns & sells ad space
  • Display rich media content
  • Content/ads created by media reseller
  • Connect retailers to local advertising dollars

Sunrise Technology is a part of Kroger, the largest grocery retailer in America. For more information about Sunrise Technology, click here

Sunrise Technology

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