Task & Labour Management

Reflexis store execution, labour operations, mobility, and analytics solutions enable retailers to unleash the power of store associates, giving them more opportunities for customer engagement, providing customers with a more consistent brand experience.

Task & Labour Management

The Reflexis ONE cloud-based real-time work platform helps retailers drive simplification for stores and improved line-of-site for field management resulting in significant time savings, precise execution, and a superior customer experience.

Real-Time Task Manager

As customers increasingly expect omnichannel services and experiential stores, brick-and-mortar retailers are facing both new challenges and new opportunities to drive customer engagement. Reflexis Real-Time Task Manager is the industry-leading store operations solution designed to simplify work for store associates. With Real-Time Task Manager, retailers can improve store execution and manage by exception in real time with a single, comprehensive solution. Communicate, organise, and prioritise tasks automatically based on best practices.

Retailers with Real-Time Task Manager have real-time visibility into work in stores, enabling them to manage by exception. Field managers receive exception-based notifications and alerts, so they can identify opportunities for improvement and drive corrective action as needed. Field managers are able to drill down on demand for increased visibility and clarity into work in stores.

Workforce Scheduler

Reflexis Workforce Scheduler’s easy-to-use functionality takes the work out of store managers hands. With an intelligent system that utilises machine learning and an intuitive UI design, save hours of work for managers with Workforce Scheduler by generating accurate labour schedules.

With Workforce Scheduler’s retail-centric algorithms, store managers can produce the most accurate labour forecasts and schedules in the industry, ensuring that stores have the right people scheduled at the right time so that that all critical tasks are completed.

Reflexis is the leading provider of real-time store operations solutions having been selected by more than 275 global retailers to simplify store operations, optimize labour spend, and improve store execution.

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