StrongPoint Click & Collect lockers

StrongPoint Click & Collect lockers offers the perfect way for retailer to provide greater flexibility in the Last Mile offering– all the while reducing the logistics costs and being able to offer 24/7 services. In today’s world where the request for contactless deliveries grow, both due to convenience and out of necessity easy, safe and convenient transition of goods without human interaction is crucial to meet your customers’ needs.

StrongPoint offers several versions of BOPIS (Buy Online – Pick up In-Store) solutions where smart locker solutions is the fastest growing. Our Click & Collect Lockers to cover all potential needs; Refrigerated with several cold zones, Retail Parcel and even a mobile version for remote locations and flexible pickup stations.

StrongPoint Click & Collect lockers

Convenient pick-ups of any online orders

The StrongPoint Click & Collect lockers enable your customers to pick up their online orders in a fast and convenient way. No more waiting for available staff or standing in line and peace of mind knowing that their packages are safe and secure.

For the retailer, the solution reduces costs as you can leverage the store as a distribution point, automating the process and saving on Last Mile deliveries. Being able to offer more delivery options also becomes a competitive advantage. Furthermore, to be able to offer a 24/7, contactless delivery points in today’s busy society where customers may choose to avoid going into a busy store is a great advantage for any retailer.

Locker options

Flexibility & Ease of Use

More flexible pick-up slots - both during office hour and after closing time – easily accessible “pick up and go” locations and no need to stand in line make for happy and loyal customers.

Modular Design

The locker is modular in order to fit the retailers (and your customers) specific needs.

Solid Construction

Build to withstand tough conditions inside or outside.

Smart and Connected

The Locker communicates with you and your customers when orders are ready for pick-up or actions are needed.


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