StrongPoint’s Cash Security business was acquired by Cennox on the 18th December 2020.
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The different elements of the StrongPoint system can be used as stationary products, or can be combined to form an End-to-End solution for cash transportation and ATM replenishments. This gives the customer the ability to integrate the StrongPoint products into current operations and, as operations expand, needs shift or the security level needs are raised, add more features to the system.

Cash-in-Transit Security Cases

Together with leading Cash-In-Transit companies and ergonomics experts, we have developed a portfolio of security cases based on several patented technology solutions. They are today’s most advanced security cases made of carbon fibre composite, extremely lightweight alloys and high-grade polymers, resulting in market leading load capacity in relation to their own weight.

We have created security cases that takes as little space as possible. The top-loading, ergonomic design provides a very small footprint and the lightweight cases are designed to minimise user effort.

In combination with StrongPoint’s intelligent rack solutions we facilitate the use of armoured, semi-armoured and non-armoured cars to enable the highest security levels between the cash centre and the pick-up location.

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