ATM Security

StrongPoint’s Cash Security business was acquired by Cennox on the 18th December 2020.
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ATM Security

The StrongPoint Q-ATM E2E cash degradation product suite offers a complete and superior solution package for different types of ATM manufacturers, models, replenishment scenarios, security and operational requirements.

The Q-ATM E2E is a fully flexible solution that can be set and operated as a stationary protection for the ATM, alternatively as a full, true End to End solution where the cash content in the ATM cassettes are protected during the whole replenishment cycle. The Q-ATM E2E can easily be upgraded from a stationary ATM protection solution to an End-to-End ATM replenishment solution.

ATM Solutions for stationary and End-to-End processes

A number of patented technologies are used within the StrongPoint ATM security products and solutions, including destruction mechanisms and timer solution. The combined package, all included in the different models of the Q-ATM product line makes our offer to the customer unique in many respects, both from a product security standpoint, but also on an operational level.

The solutions have been developed in close cooperation with ATM manufacturers. This has resulted in a flexible system that can be installed in the factory, during the staging process or in the field. Our solution also features a high integration level to maintain the ATM up-time and dispensing capacity.

ATM Products

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