Cash Security

We know cash is not dead. Let us help you manage your cash processes more securely and efficiently. We provide solutions for secure cash logistics, such as Cash in Transit and ATMs, and also help you to implement “a thief should never be rewarded” philosophy.

Cash Security

StrongPoint Cash Security, formerly known as SQS Security Qube System, was founded by the inventor Kjell Lindskog in 1995 in response to the philosophy that “a thief should never be rewarded”. Irrespective of expertise, time, methods and tools used in an attempted theft the content is always irreversibly destroyed.

Today, our “no reward” products for the protection of valuables are unique to the market and provide our customers with entirely new benefits and an unmatched security level. The StrongPoint system is built upon IBNS technology that protects valuables without the need for weapons or expensive armoured transport whilst improving personal safety and security as well as the working environment of the personnel handling valuable items.

The different elements of the StrongPoint system can be used as stationary products, or can be combined to form an End-to-End solution for cash transportation and ATM replenishments. This gives the customer the ability to integrate the StrongPoint products into current operations and, as operations expand, needs shift or the security level needs are raised, add more features to the system.

StrongPoint Cash Security provides solutions for secure cash logistics. Our offering focuses on innovative IBNS (Intelligent Banknote Neutralisation System) technology that protects valuables without the need for weapons or expensive armoured transport. StrongPoint Cash Security does business in over 20 countries and has partnerships with the leading cash logistics companies such as Loomis, G4S, Brinks and Prosegur.

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