Refrigerated Lockers

StrongPoint’s Click & Collect solution features a self-service grocery locker with three temperature zones: ambient, chilled and frozen. It turns grocery retail into a 24/7 customer convenience giving a flexibility for customers to pick up their groceries at their leisure. At the same time it lets store managers smoothly run their Omnichannel retailing making the whole pickup and delivery process stress-free.

Customers simply order their goods online and select desired pick-up station location for delivery. A text notification is sent to the customer with locker access authentication details once goods are ready for collection. Store managers can monitor the entire process and the status of each locker through the locker software. Lockers can be simply filled during the day several times and it takes only a moment.

In combination with DeliveryManager Click & Collect solution gives real time control over delivery process, keeping an efficient 2-way communication with the customer before delivery and securing that the right goods are delivered to the right customer and at the right time.

StrongPoint‘s pick-up stations are modular, easy to install, fitting any space and manufactured for both indoor and outdoor use in all weather extremes. Software easily integrates with existing in-store systems to provide full task management functionality and scalability.


Selling age restricted items online

AI technology now allows for the age restricted items, bought online to be collected from Click & Collect lockers without the assistance of the store attendants. When collecting the purchases, the customer confirms his age via Yoti age verification app. Upon successful verification, the respective locker door unlocks, and the items can be collected.

Effective volume: Freezer – 617 l, Refrigerator – 1300 l, Ambient 1300 l
Cooling control: By SITRAD software
Temperature control (out-door placement): -25 C to +35 C.
Interior surfaces:  Stainless steel
Exterior surfaces: Galvanised and coated steel
Tampering protection: All hinges and locks are hidden behind protecting panels. This protects against break-ins.

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