Rack and SoftCar® Products

Intelligent, modular and flexible rack solutions for vehicles and cash centers.


  • One rack system for security cases and ATM cassettes
  • Stand-alone racks or advanced customer specified systems
  • Modular based system
  • Pre-build packages for easy installation in existing vehicles
  • Highest security with SoftCar Rack Control Unit

StrongPoint Cash Security offers intelligent, modular and flexible rack solutions adjusted to the customer’s operation.

A wide range of racks is available, from stand-alone racks to advanced customer specified systems in vehicles or cash-centers.

In combination with our SoftCar Rack Control Unit our customers are able to build an effective storage and logistics system with the highest security for the handling of security cases and ATM cassettes.


  • Minimizes risk for operating personnel
  • Minimizes risk for public


  • Minimizes risk for theft and robberies
  • Minimizes risk for internal fraud

Cost Efficiency

  • Reduction of operational costs
  • Reduction of capital expenditure

Ease of Use

  • High product up-time
  • Minimal operating time at customer location

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