Q-Case Maxi


The Q-Case Maxi is a multi-purpose security case for bulk cash and ATM cassettes.


  • Capacity for up to 8 000 unused banknotes or one ATM cassette
  • Lightweight – empty weight of 7.8 kg
  • Market leading BW/CW ratio 1.03
  • High speed banknote neutralization system
  • Logs all handling events
  • Superior and irreversible staining process within milliseconds
  • Equipped with the unique, patented, StrongPoint electronic shield
  • Multiple sensors to detect intrusion attempt

Together with leading CIT companies and ergonomics experts, we have developed the Q-Case Maxi based on several patented technology solutions. The Q-Case Maxi is a bulk-cash carrying security case for use in all types of cash transport vehicles, such as armoured cars and non-armoured cars (SoftCar®), and can also carry one unprotected ATM cassette.

This advanced security case is a market leader when it comes to its combination of light weight and high load capacity. The Q-Case Maxi has a minimal footprint for convenient operation in narrow spaces with its top-loading ergonomic design. Our proprietary electronic key system provides the highest available level of security, and the same key system is used for all our models.


  • Minimizes risk for operating personnel
  • Minimizes risk for public


  • Minimizes risk for theft and robberies
  • Minimizes risk for internal fraud

Cost Efficiency

  • Reduction of operational costs
  • Reduction of capital expenditure

Ease of Use

  • High product up-time
  • Minimal operating time at customer location
  • CIT companies operating with armoured cars or SoftCar ®
  • Banks for internal transport
  • Retail for use in the back office and internal transport
  • Events and gaming for use in the back office and internal transport

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