Pick & Collect

The picking of the order items is one of the major parts of managing online orders. And yet, most retailers do this manually, or have developed their own systems that rarely succeed in efficient order picking processes. With Pick&Collect solution, the order picking will be faster, more accurate and require fewer resources. By using a web-based centralized system, you can administrate and pick orders locally in stores or separate storages, like Dark Stores.


Pick&Collect gives you unique features and benefits:

  • Customised to handle all the special demands of picking products with temperature needs, weighing and labelling requirements.
  • Plans the best picking route through the picking area, ensuring that the products are picked and packed in the right order considering shortest picking route, temperature and fragility. The mobile devices are carried on the wrists, which means staff can pick items with both hands. There are intuitive interfaces for managing the pick lists.
  • Using Pick&Collect technology, staff can pick up to four items per minute instead of one item handling picking process manually.
  • Product images in the pick lists makes it easier to find the products on the shelves. Several orders can be picked at the same time. Out-of-stock items, replacements, expiration dates and age control functions are also included.
  • The solution minimizes human error, which means more reliable stock and warehouse management.
  • The solution is cloud-based, so no local store installations are necessary. All you need is a wireless internet connection.
  • Support for Voice Picking and Pick by Light (ESL’s) features.
  • A number of useful reports in order to follow up the operations on several levels.

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