Note collector cash guard

Note Collector TBM1

The Note Collector TBM1 enables closed collection and transfer of banknotes from the note recyclers to the back office.

The cash is protected in the tamper-proof collector and is never exposed. The sturdy construction makes it virtually impossible to break into. The note mover is equipped with ink staining technology that is triggered should the device be opened in an unauthorised way. Instructions and status updates are shown on a display. The note mover can handle all denominations you choose. It has an ergonomic design that contributes towards a better working environment.

Storage Technology 1 drum with double film layer
Note Capacity 170 bank notes
Weight 7.3 kg
Width 130 mm
Height 280 mm
Depth 333 mm
Security Tamper-indicating enclosure and ink dyeing technology
External Interface EasyConnect interface for connection to CashGuard systems
Software Requirements Store Manager application