Compact is our smallest one-unit solution, built for easy installation on top of the checkout counter. It has an automatic coin feeder, and the customer himself handles all transactions. Compact also features an even faster transaction speed than the CashGuard Unico.

Compact is perfect for restaurants, pharmacies, bakeries and convenience stores where space is limited, but where there is a need for high transaction speed during peak hours.

Made in steel for a secure and robust experience, the Compact is built to last.


A small and efficient one-unit cash management solution to be placed on the counter, and the customer handles all transactions.



Let’s your customers handle the transaction, fast and efficiently even at peak hours while you focus on customer service.



Compact is designed for the hospitality industry, pharmacies, bakeries and convenience stores with a need for speed during peak hours.

Max deposit speed: 1.5 notes per second and 3 coins per second

Max dispense speed: 1.5 notes per second and 10 coins per second

Lock: Mechanical

Currencies: EUR

Back office Software: Store Manger Local

Compact Coin Recycler

Colours: Black

Inlet: Bunch feed of coins

Outlet: Multi coin bowl

Denominations: Max 8

Coin Capacity: Can hold around 1000 coins for recycling

Total capacity: >2000 coins

Customer Display: LCD Display


Compact Note recycler

Colour: Black
Single feed of notes
Max 7
Recycling Capacity: 
3 x 50 notes         
Note Box: 
500 notes

Material: Steel casing

Width: 420 mm

Hight: 418 mm

Depth: 491 mm

Weight: 55 kg (excl. coins)

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