Coin Recycler CashGuard

Coin Recycler MV40

This coin recycler has a multi-coin feature which enables customers to insert all coins at the same time.

It has interactive lights and a display guiding the customer and the staff.  Better interaction means faster customer throughput and queue kills. The coin recycler automatically counts and tracks the coins and transfers the information to the back-office software. An electronic lock, that tracks and records any opening, protects the money.

Number of denominations: Up to 8 denominations
Coin capacity: 200-800 coins per denomination
Recycling: All coins are recyclable
Deposit: Up to 2 coins per second
Dispense: 5–8 coins per second
Automatic coin feeding: Up to 20 coins per batch
Customer display: Graphical colour display
Width: 331 mm
Height 567 mm
Depth 274 mm
Weight 24 kg