A special label solution for cheese

February 20, 2017

Since 1930, Wernersson Ost have been appreciated for their famous cheese and today the company is the largest cheese wholesaler. The company Wernersson Ost focuses today primarily to store and process the cheese and StrongPoint Labels are now producing many of their labels.

Wernersson Ost imports cheese from all over Europe. The cheese are often not a finished product when they come to the company, and the cheese reaches its peak after storage. – In some cheese we insert different flavors, by injecting alcohol, for example, whiskey, brandy, port wine or cognac. It is very small amounts added, but for its taste makes a big difference, says Anders Bengtsson, brand manager at Wernersson Ost.

It is when the cheese has matured and become the tasteful delicacies StrongPoint Labels comes in. The labels Wernersson Ost uses has primarily an informative and selling purpose.

A challenge, and together with Strong Point Labels, we have worked out solutions to the sector’s demand for smaller sizes of the cheese and the information requirements that the product must have. – Small sizes and much information is of course a challenge and we have together with StrongPoint Labels reached smart solutions. Strong Point Labels are easy to work with and have short lead times which is important for Wernersson Ost

We are proud to have a company that Wernersson Ost with us and look forward to working with them.


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