World-famous match maker counts on high-quality labels

January 13, 2017

The facilities that manufacture the famous matches are situated in Tidaholm and Vetlanda in Sweden. Swedish Match has been working with StrongPoint Labels to provide their matchboxes with the proper labels for many years. Tommy Adolfsson, one of the purchasers at Swedish Match emphasizes that high quality and competitive prices are very important when choosing label supplier. To understand and adapt to a customer´s label needs is one of the central focuses for StrongPoint Labels.

The labels that Swedish Match orders from StrongPoint Labels are used to apply the matchboxes prior to packaging. They also use labels for transport labelling and pallet labelling. “We are very pleased with the labels delivered from StrongPoint Labels, since the labels not only meet our needs in quality and price, but also manages to reproduce our company´s colours on the labels,” Adolfsson said. “The interaction between StrongPoint Labels and Swedish Match has been very successful. With such a long relationship that we have, there is no need to look for another label supplier,” said Adolfsson.


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