Labels for Beauty Care- adapted to moist environments and oily ingredients

April 8, 2020

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Two entrepreneurs in southern Sweden, Skåne, Maria and Camilla, are behind the skin care and beauty company: MöllerbergLjung, we did a short interview with them to find out more about their products and their choice in StrongPoint Labels as a supplier:

Tell us about MöllerbergLjung?
Natural, handmade and organic beauty care! Our shared dream of creating alternatives to products that already exists became reality a beautiful day in May 2014. We wanted to create beautiful skin care to enjoy with a good conscience; locally produced for both body and mind. With a focus on “here” – which shows what we can contribute with here and now – and our “when” – which shows on our local roots – unique products with scaled ingredients were born.
In our opinion, no additives are required when nature already offers us the best of the best. This has given us a product range that we ourselves want to use and we can be proud of. There is a thought behind every package, every ingredient and every step. We need our planet and nature and the more who make green choices, the greater the good effect.
It is our way of saying: “- Your Welcome, from Skåne with love.”

What were you looking for in a label supplier?
Our wish was to find a Swedish supplier and preferably with the same environmental thinking as our new product design. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find label material that fits both our mostly oil-based content and the standards we strive for from an environmental perspective. But we think we have managed to compromise in a good way.

How did StrongPoint Labels end up on the list of possible label suppliers?
We received a recommendation about your fine work. Furthermore, the fact that you had very competitive prices meant that the choice fell on you.

How has StrongPoint Labels helped you with your challenges with labels?
We had a clear picture of how we wanted the final result but needed help in the choice of materials and finishes. In order to get a nice overall feel, we have chosen to have all labels in the same version. With the help of one of StongPoint Label’s sales empolyees, Johan, we think it has become a resilient label that holds the measure in both moist environments and for the oilier ingredients.

What was the result?
The positive comments did not wait! The products have become more recognized than ever and the feeling of luxury has been mentioned more than once. Finally, it feels like the exterior design matches the fantastic content.

To read more about MöllerbergLjung and their fantastic range, visit:

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